About us

Anglija.lt is the most popular media channel for Lithuanians living in the United Kingdom.

According to Google Analytics, we receive up to 120 000 unique visitors each month.

There are aprox. 100 000 Lithuanians in the U.K.

Thousands arrive from Lithuania and thousands return to their motherland.

Anglija.lt is dedicated to every Lithuanian whose life is or was related to the United Kingdom.


It is a fact that Lithuanians feel lack of reliable information about the United Kingdom. Anglija.lt mission is to provide Lithuanians with as much relevant information as possible and to introduce them to reliable and experienced companies that offer much needed service for the residents of the United Kingdom.


Is the product you offer or the service you provide of utmost importance to the Lithuanian residents of the UK or to those who are planning to arrive in the UK in the nearest future? The most effective yet the cheapest way to tell them about yourself is to provide your company information on Anglija.lt.


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